More Snow

The skies are clear today and we have all decided that snow is a bit over rated :) Although if I had four wheel drive and a real coat, I might like it just fine.

Sledding was a big hit, and if there weren't horses to feed early in the morning and ice to be broken off of water, the girls would have found the snow a lot more enjoyable.

Eli thought eating the snow was a lot of fun.

Chloe looking pathetic
All of these pictures are from the first day of snow, when it looked melty and manageable.

But then it snowed most of the day, and all night. So yesterday, it looked like this. Less melty. The base was closed so Mike was home. He remembered we had chains from the old suburban and decided to try to get them on the van. I didn't really consider that we would be leaving, so I didn't prepare a list of the things yet to be acquired for Christmas.

But, he thought we could make it to town, and not knowing when we would make it again, thought we should go.

This is what we were taking the van through. Do you see where this is going??

As soon as we started down, we knew we weren't coming back up. I began wondering why I didn't wear tights...and a hat...and gloves... We got a little bit of inefficient shopping done (no list) and rushed through a quick meal to try to get back before dark, since we also didn't have a flashlight and Mike would need to put the chains back on.

With the help of a kind neighbor the chains were reapplied and we were on our way. We made it further than I feared we would, and only had to walk the last hill to the house.

It's a little bit sunny today, so maybe Mike will be able to get the van up tonight. Or tomorrow. There is no more snow predicted until Monday, so hopefully we can get the last of our preparations done and get all settled in for Christmas.

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Ashley said...

I have to say that it never snowed like that while I lived there! This is the first time that I have seen dry, powdery snow in Ca. And in the dessert no less! It just about killed my back to make a snow man for the little guys back home. It was the perfect morning to be out in the snow though. Enough snow to last while the sun came out to warm the air.

It's fun to see all of your pictures. It is rather hard to bundle up when your not used to those types of conditions:) Traveling is not that much fun either. And who wants to shop in the snow? I'm only impressed with the snow when I can look at it from next to a nice warm fire with a cup of hot chocolate in my hands. :)

Ashley S.