Hailey Turns 12!

It is hard to believe that Hailey has begun her 13th year. She has grown into quite a young lady, and frequently blesses us with her skill in the kitchen, her helpful hands, her beautiful music, and her ready smile.

Hailey really wanted P.F. Chang for her birthday, so we decided to forgo the standard breakfast and splurge on a yummy dinner. Just doing our part to boost the economy. We had pretty great breakfast anyway though, with eggs, hash browns and apple dumplings.

Daddy took her to the Kern County Museum where they had a great day together, but daddy forgot the camera, and the rest of us met them at the restaurant later on.

The chosen birthday dessert was vanilla pudding, so there were no candles. Just a big bowl to hold while we sang :)
We love you Hailey and we hope you had a great birthday!


L said...

Happy Birthday, Hailey! You and Delaney are the same age now. Pudding is one of our favorite winter desserts around here. Great choice!

The Seargeant Family
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Chance said...

Hailey, I love you tons and hope you had a wonderful birthday! So... how many times have you been around the sun?

I hope to see you soon!


christywith5 said...

Happy Birthday Hailey,
You are such a wonderful Godly young lady and I am loving seeing you grow up. always remember to keep on the right path as you enter into this new chapter in your life as a young lady. I love you and will always pray for you.
Aunt Christy