We have started a new chapter in our experiences as a family. Last weekend we drove to Temecula and purchased 2 horses for the family. They are an Arabian mare named Misty and an Arabian gelding named Reeses Pieces (Reeses). The kids are over the moon and I hope the joy at working with them sticks :) Reeses is the bay. His mane was cut a little far back and is in the process of growing out, so he's got a bit of a mohawk going on :) And they both need a little weight. But aren't they pretty??
We stopped in San Bernardino and bought tack. Since they are Arabians, and since the seller didn't answer her phone, we bought all Arabian size. Which doesn't fit of course. It's all too small and needs to go back to the store, 2 1/2 hours away... Maybe I can mail it :) In the meantime, no tack.
I have this romantic idea of raising the kids with horses and farm chores. We both really want them to have the work ethic that comes with being needed and working hard. Our prayer is that the Lord will provide the opportunity to own some land that we can work, even if Mike keeps his day job. Hailey is nearly 12 and we know that the window of opportunity for her to really embrace that lifestyle will be closing soon. We also know that with many of the children still being young, most of the work will fall to us. But we decided to bite the bullet and jump in.
I want to raise another batch of meat birds soon. There are LOTS of critters here though, so we need something pretty secure. Chickens for eggs are high on the list too. And we are hoping to get a garden in next weekend. We'll see :)

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