Last week we had the carpet cleaned. It wasn't done before we moved in and it was really yucky. We couldn't even let poor Ty on the floor once he was ready for church because when we picked him up he would look like Pig Pen.

First we drug everything we could to the kitchen or screen room, then we skeedaddled on out of there. It was a beautiful day so I took my sadly neglected mending basket out on the front porch.

I cranked up the sewing machine while the kids amused themselves falling on their heads on the concrete.

Well, only Eli actually fell on his head. Twice. But there were plenty of scraped knees and elbows on the others. They finally resorted to riding on their butts, which made big holes in their clothes instead of their skin.

They really enjoyed having me right there to watch their antics and I was wondering why I hadn't thought of sewing outside before!

Titus loved being in the walker with everyone outside. He talked to horses and wandered all over the patio. He especially enjoyed eating the flowers.

We should get the carpet cleaned more often :)

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