So, we've all heard about kefir, right? That fermented milk drink so high in b vitamins and about 1001 other things so vital to your health. I've meant to try making kefir for a few years now and I finally decided it was TIME.

So, I go online (the only place to shop) and I order my grains. We wait with anticipation for them to arrive and finally...a little baggie of sour milk/water mixture with some cauliflower-like grains comes.

I get my pricey raw milk ready and read the directions. NO METAL. No metal collindar, or spoon or anything. Rats! I only have a metal collandar with mesh small enough for the precious kefir grains.

I send Mike to Kmart, the only all purpose store in town. No luck, so I'm off to ebay to buy "kefir accessories." A few more days and I have an appropriate collandar.

Back out with the directions. We add the milk, shake it up, and put it on the counter to ferment.

24 hours later it is thick and bubbly, fermented and... DISGUSTING!

Seriously, who drinks this stuff?!? I made a fruit smoothie with it and it tasted like rotten milk with fruit. Not a big hit. One drink made my stomach hurt, but maybe just because I was working so hard to keep it down.


I tried again, thinking maybe I did something wrong. I'm just not feelin it.

So, unless so dedicated kefir drinker out there can give me some tips I just don't think we'll be able to be that healthy.

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bacteriapimp said...

I just happen to be passing by... not everyone likes the taste of milk kefir but it is the most powerful probiotic..if you can get down 4 ounces a day ... it is like medicine... it is real... if you ferment it fully it will taste even worse but its cutative and protective qualities are unmatched ... get down 4 ounces a day and in a short while you will notice a difference