TIme With Daddy: Part 3 The Rodeo

The Annual San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo was wrapping up while Mike was here. The children had been longing/begging/wishing/praying/hoping we would go. So, I used some of that overtime money to buy tickets online just before I knew I had repairs to make :)

We went in the early afternoon and the kids had a grand time. We saw the bird show and Sierra got to feed a bird with a big knot on it's beak. I can't remember the name of the bird, but I can remember some cool details about it. After it lays it eggs, the males wall it up inside a tree until the young are big enough to come out. Or something like that. I definitely remember there was a wall.... Anyway, Sierra fed a big bird fruit.

After walking around looking at things for a while we headed over to the rides. It was dollar day so all the rides were $1.00 a piece. We decided to spend $20. Plenty we thought. But, people kept giving us more tickets! If we had known, we wouldn't have bought any at all. We would have just traipsed through with our crew hoping we looked like a family who could use a few tickets. I recommmend you try it before shelling out the cash ;) So the kids got to go on lots of rides. To Hailey's supreme disappiontment she couldn't get anyone to go on the upside down rides with her. She finally gave up and rode a few alone. Where does she get it????

We spent a long time on the rides, and it seems that was the only place I took any pictures. But the real highlight was the rodeo.

Ezra's in here somewhere too!

Our seats were definitely in the nosebleed catagory, but it was set up so that everyone could see quite well and there were also t.v. screens. I think the highlight was the bucking bronc riding, but kids riding sheep was pretty fun too. Mutton something or rather...
Fun times, wish you were there!


Nicole Hearn said...

We love the pictures!
Thanks for the update.
I haven't been to a rodeo in many years; the ones that come to Hesperia aren't all that world-class, and the main detractor is the fact that their clown (aka the major source of entertainment throughout the evening, especially when the livestock doesn't cooperate) probably held his last job as a court jester for some tyrant like Fidel Castro or Saddam Hussein. The last few times we went, he was crude, to the point of being alarming, and downright mean.
Oh, well. We'll look at pictures of YOUR rodeo and remember what ours COULD have been like.
That ticket thing sounds like a good idea. We should try it. Excepting for the small problem that there is no rodeo. Other than that.....

DanielleW said...

What fun! LOL about walking around looking like you could use some tickets.

Merr said...