Dead Animals

Last month Chance had the opportunity to go to Covenant Ranch with some of the Vision Forum staff for a few days of hunting and fellowship. He was able to bag a doe, along with a bobcat that was apparently much coveted by all in attendance.

So, we now have a big bag of deer meat, along with a beautiful bobcat in a black trash bag in our freezer. He wants to have the bobcat stuffed, but has had a host of unexpected expenses that have delayed the planned for stuffing and left the cat in the bag so to speak :)

I wanted to post a couple of pictures from his adventure, so I got his camera to download some shots. I was thinking of him holding the deer's head triumphantly. Perhaps standing beside the cat... Something, I don't know, a little less...yucky! Instead, we have...dead animals. The only shots of the deer are of it being gutted or showing it's hollow belly. So, here they are. But you might not want to look :)

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DanielleW said...

Congratulations to your hunter!

LOL about the cat in the bag.