Time With Daddy: Part 2

After our our hike we took our lunch and headed for the picnic grounds. They were really pretty and clean, and right on the water. The kids could not have been more thrilled. They ran down to the water, rolled up their pants/lifted their skirts and waded in while we made lunch. It was really beautiful and relaxing. I can't believe we didn't go earlier.

There were other people there, playing in the water and fishing. One little boy went a bit downstream from us and cast his pole in the water. Eli ran over to see him, wading exuberantly into the water very near the boys line. The boy told Eli, "I'm Fishing!" Eli: "I Know!!", all smiling, and happy. Looking around like he might see a fish on the line. Also looking completely unconcerned as the boy marched off.
It was Titus' 6 month birthday too. I can't believe he is 6months old already. He weighs 19.4 pounds and is just getting in to a size 12 months! He has gotten up on his knees a couple of times, and is doing the ol' combo roll/scoot to get where he want to go. He as one tooth in, one very nearly in, and two very swollen top gums.
Look at that tired boy, can you tell he's had a good day?!?
Skipping rocks with daddy.

After a really nice couple of hours at the water we went home to a dinner of tacos and chocolate pie.

And daddy gave Sierra her belated birthday blessing. She thought he forgot, but he surprised her.
All in all, a really nice day!

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DanielleW said...

Playing in the water. LOL Funny thought because we just got over 5 inches of snow today. And it has been so cold.

I love the birthday blessing idea. I know I've said that before but it blesses me each time I read it.