Good Times

We hope you all had a pleasant July 4th holiday. We had a very enjoyable day together, especially since daddy was here to celebrate with us. In the evening we joined several other families for dinner, games, and English Country Dancing. We capped it off by watching the fireworks display at the fairgrounds. Well, we weren't at the fairgrounds, but the fireworks were. We were sitting in the rain, across the road from the fairgrounds. It was really a great evening.
The only disappointment for the children was that they were really hoping to do some sparklers themselves. We tried to get some on the way, but the only stand we passed was sold out.
So, on the way home daddy decided to try a few more stands that were a little out of our way. And Lo and Behold, the second one had sparklers. Almost nothing else, but lots of sparklers.
So, last night we built a little fire and made s'mores. Then we let the kids light the sparklers. Such fun! No one fell in the fire. Although a few gave it a good shot. No one lit the property on fire, also not for lack of trying. But we definitely had a gooey good time.


Nicole said...

We set off firecrackers with the LM's.....only....the day AFTER the fourth....and we were stopped by a big red truck....
Um, yeah.

DanielleW said...

Neat puctures! We actually went to church on the 4th. LOL And still made it home in time to see the very lame fireworks of my town. But DS was pleased and that is what is important. Oooo and the highlight of my 4th was that I took a nap!!