Baby Poll

A few weeks back the kids and I all made guesses about the birth date, gender, and weight of our new baby. Then when Mike was here he made his. I thought it would be fun if you guys added your guesses to ours. Maybe it will even bring a few non-commenters out of lurkdom :)

I can't figure out how to do a table, so I guess I'll just list them :)

Chance 8/20 Boy 8# 3oz
Hailey 8/23 Girl 8# 11oz
Sierra 8/23 Girl 9# 8oz (she and Eli each weighed this)
Ethan 8/23 Girl 5# (that's my boy!)
Eli 8/23 Boy 30# (!!!)
Ezra 8/23 Girl 30#
Me 8/19 Girl 9#
Dad 8/25 Girl 9# 3oz

As you can see, most of us think this one's a girl. And most of the kids think she will be born on our wedding anniversary. I don't know why I picked early. Eli and Ezra would like to see my name in the Guiness Book of World Records, but Ethan has my back.

Anyone want to play?


cyndi said...

how about girl 8# 7 oz

cyndi said...

oohh and i think she will be born 8-25

DanielleW said...

Girl on 8/21 8# 10 oz

(I was going to guess 8-28 because that is the next full moon but didn't want you to have to go over date. LOL)

Nicole Hearn said...

I guess,
Boy, 8/22, 8 lb 5 oz.

I think that if Eli is right you wouldn't just make it to the Guiness; you'd probably make it to the National Enquirer. I can just see it now; "Homeschooling Mom Gives Birth to 30-pound child". Better start preparing your speech for the formal interviews on Good Morning, America!

Anonymous said...

I think the baby will be born on 8/24 and SHE will weigh 8# 3oz
From Christy

Holly said...

I too am going with a girl on 8/27 weighing in at 9 # 5oz (sorry).