Ups and Downs

Mike arrived home this afternoon a little blue. He had been reflecting on the fact that he had just received this big promotion at work and no one in our family had congratulated him, we had not celebrated in any way, in fact, we were all pretty sad about it.

He was right. We got caught up in how we didn't want to move, didn't want months of separation, and all that there is to be done before he leaves. The fact that this is a great opportunity for him and in many ways a great blessing for us, just got ignored.

Well, we all quickly apologized and agreed that it was indeed an occasion that demanded to be celebrated!

So, we got all gussied up and went out for a really good dinner and spoke in a celebratory fashion.

Then we went to Home Depot to price out some of the improvements we are hoping to do.

THEN...while driving home on our bucolic country road...someone THREW A ROCK at the van and SHATTERED one of our side windows. Yep, shattered it.

Mike and Chance are back at the scene waiting for the police to come conduct what I suspect will be a futile search for the perpetrator/s, but at least we will have a police report if we need it for the insurance company.

So, a less-than-ideal cap to our evening of celebration.


victorycoalition said...

Sounds like quite an eventful evening.
Thanks for sharing it; it seems like you folks never lack entertainment.


We're CLOSE to selecting a name. I think.

victorycoalition said...

Congratulations to Mr. Elliott, too.......

hubers said...

Hey, this is great...I can post comments now that you have blogspot. I don't think that your family and vehicles mix real well, but at least it all happened after an uplifting evening :)

It's been kind of hard for us to celebrate losing you guys but God's will is indeed wonderful no matter what...I keep saying that hoping that it will soften the "blow". We sorrow and rejoice with you at the same time...seems kind of strange to say it that way, but it's true.


DanielleW said...

How horrible about the rock! What makes people do things like that.

Glad you guys were able to celebrate first.

victorycoalition said...

Regarding Nikkae's comment.....

Seems so ironic that I went through the exact same thing with your family just two years ago. At the time I remember saying that knowing that it was God's will was supposed to make it easier, and wondering why it didn't make it easier at all.
That wasn't entirely true, because although it didn't make it any easier at the time, God used every single aspect of it to lead me in the way that He had designed for me, even though it was so opposite of what I wanted to choose for myself. I sometimes hear God's will described as, "Exactly what we would choose if we knew all of the facts."
I know it's two years late, but I am grateful to be to the point where I can finally look back and thank Him for what He has done....including taking your family away. In hindsight, I can see His wisdom and grace fully in a way that I couldn't before, and I am able now to be fully grateful for every single thing He did.
What an amazing God......It is a good reminder to me to accept from now on the will that He ordains, based on the knowledge that someday I will look back with thankfulness that He chose to do His own sweet will instead of mine.
He is good.