I've Moved

Well, it's been a little while and I have a new home. I don't like the background options at blogspot nearly as much as the ones at HSB, there aren't as many options and they aren't as pretty. But being able to post is a big plus so I guess I'll make the best of it :) It has taken hours to figure out a name and get things set up, so I don't have a real post. I just wanted to get started.

Christmas is over, but there are still a few days of Advent left. I have really enjoyed celebrating Advent, that little bit of time when we are all together and focused on Christ and what we are really grateful for this season has really been a blessing.

I'll leave you with a few pictures (more to come later). Scratch that, since I can't figure out how to do a line out, I also can't figure out how to post pictures. Maybe tomorrow...

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Sarah said...

I was having the same problem on HSB. I had an email to tech support and was waiting to hear from them. I then, decided to delete my cookies and my temporary internet files and when I tried to log in again, it worked! I was shocked! SO...if you haven't tried that on HSB yet, you may want to.