13 Candles - Another "Teen" in the House

Another important event I haven't yet devoted a post to is the celebration of Sierra's 13th birthday. 13 is a big one in our house, the transition from childhood to young adult.  13 is the year of the big birthday party because we believe the addition of family and friends helps mark the significance of the day, and we seek council from other godly women to encourage and guide our children.  For Hailey and Sierra this encouragement has come in the form of letters to be stored in their hope chest (which they receive on their 13th birthday).  These letters have been a true blessing to our girls, and I am so grateful that our friends and family would take the time to write them. 

We requested that gifts center around the hope chest we were giving her, and Sierra was blessed with many beautiful and thoughtful things.  It's so much fun to see what everyone comes up with!

Her daddy gave her a blessing and Sierra recited Proverbs 19:1-9

The cake was amazing. No, I didn't make it.

I love these young adult years.  The knowledge that my time with them is so short is ever before me, and I am frequently driven to my knees.  I am so blessed to see them growing in knowledge and righteousness.  And so grateful for the opportunity to speak into their lives as we spend our days together.

Miss Cadence is getting so big.  She's a real blend of her mommy and daddy.  And so smart :-) I can't wait to watch her grow up.

Chance was able to come for the party, which was SUCH a gift for Sierra.  We are all grateful for any time we are able to spend together, but it was really special that he came for her birthday.  Kirstyn was there too!  It is such a rare gift for us all to be together :-)

The day after the party Chance taught the boys to make boats with tooth pics.   The results were pretty cool, but next time I think we'll use popsicle sticks so it doesn't take so long :-)

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