I just love little baby feet. Love em. So, a few weeks back (or was it a month??) I got little Annaleise to sleep and lay her in her little bed. I made sure I had a little white blanket under her, because nothing says newborn baby sweetness like white. I laid her on her tummy, which she doesn't like, but I think it makes for a cuter baby feet picture. I carefully drew her tiny feet together so that they looked just like the image of sweet baby feet I had in my head and I began snapping pictures.

I was using my new lens, which I actually purchased while thinking of baby feet. I had fantasies of crisp pictures of sweet feet with beautiful bokeh (that's blurred background to all you novices ;) ). The nap was cut really short cuz I kept messing with her feet, but it didn't matter. I got some great shots.

But things are pretty busy around here and it took a while to finally load the images on to my computer, so that I could see them in all their glory. And when I did, they were as sweet as I thought. (Did I mention I think baby feet are sweet? I think I need a thesaurus) And then, wait....what's that? There's something yellow on her heel... A big smudge of poo on the bottom of her right foot!??! Noooo! I should have saved them so that you could witness my defeat (no pun intended) but alas, I deleted the evidence :)

So that's how things are going around here, how about you?

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Anonymous said...

Oh No!!!! Can't you Photoshop it?