We are not math fans in our house.

Mike likes math. He's good at math. Me, less so. I have NOT been looking forward to teaching algebra again.

Enter Teaching Textbooks. I heart Teaching Textbooks! Hailey pops in the dvd, listens to the lecture, watches some problems worked and begins the practice set. If she misses something she receives immediate feedback about what she did wrong and how to do it right. She is understanding math much better than ever and she is loving it. Which means I am loving it! I just log on and check her scores. I can see if she has done all of the problems, if she reviewed the solutions for the ones she missed and how she's doing. I can't believe how much time it saves, and it is quickly becoming her favorite subject.

I no longer dread teaching algebra! I am confident we will be able to go all the way through higher math with Teaching Textbooks. So, if any of you are nervous about math in the upper grades I highly recommend it. It's like bringing an instructor into your living room.


christywith5 said...

We will most definatly be looking into this program a little latter. Kat and Alyssa love math but Mommy is SO Scared of it!!

DanielleW said...

LOL, I love math...except geometry. Never did well in that class in HS. It could also be because of the silly crush I had on the boy behind me and maybe I wasn't pay attention like I should...but maybe its becuase geometry is silly. (Ok it was probably the boy. *I* was the silly one. LOL)