Lovely Vacation, Pt 3

Mike and I snuck out one morning for breakfast, and while we were out we noticed that the boat docks were full of seals. We went back to get the kids and headed down for a closer look.

It seemed like we could have just walked up and pet them. I just didn't want someone rewarded with a dunk in the water for their efforts so we stayed back. A little. They were clearly used to people and really gave the kids a thrill to be so close. Beats the zoo any day.

One of the great things about this area is that you have ocean, redwoods and river all within a couple miles of each other. We love the Smith River and headed up for a day of fun.

6 little ducklings, all in a row!

The kids had a great day splashing and swimming, while Ty entertained himself eating rocks and digging in the sand.

Another great day :)

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L said...

Oh, Oh, Oh.....The Smith River..... That's not far from my Grandparent's old place that was our vacation spot when I was growing up.

I love, love, love, that area! We camped near there one night 14 years ago. I was 8 months pregnant and we only got to stay for the night, but the smell of the redwoods transported me back to my childhood.

Someday, I want to go back for longer than a night!

Glad y'all had such a good time.

In Him,
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