Why to Eat Organic

My last post makes a nice segue into this one. Organic produce is often more expensive (unless you belong to a great CSA!) and can seem hard to justify.

But organic has much more of the good and none of the bad, so even if you eat less fruit because you insist on organic, you'll get a lot more bang out of the fruit you do eat. And you'll be helping to restore the fertility of our soil, something even conventional farmers agree is seriously lacking.

This is a link to a study that analyzed nutritional differences in organic vs convention produce.

And if you get get everything organic, it's important to know which fruits and vegetables have the highest pesticide load, so you can insist on getting those organic or going without. Remember, pesticides are poison and a little bit adds up over time. They don't just wash out, they are stored in our fat cells. Which means some of us have significant storage capacity :) And they compromise our immune system so that we are less able to fight off all the other nasty stuff we come in contact with. Especially the very young (including the unborn) and the old.

So, here's the chart:

http://www.foodnews.org/walletguide.php (mom, you just click on the link)

Eat Healthy!


Anonymous said...

Hi Michele, Wow, what a haul! Wish there was one of those CSA groups here. Our garden has played out and didn't do great this year - unless you really, really, really love squash for every meal.

Once again, I must ask for the name of the culotte pattern. I will write it on my forehead this time!

Hope all is well with yall.

Anonymous said...

That was me - Tonya. Can you tell I'm not a blogger???!