Hear Our Cry, O God

There is a lot of praying going on in our house today. We have been praying for baby Noah for some time. He is a very ill little boy with what appears to be a mitochondrial disorder. This manifests itself in many different ways that often have him struggling for his very life. He has been very ill and in the hospital again, and he just got home yesterday. And his mommy is due to be induced with his baby sister tomorrow. They are all very much in need of our prayers.

If you have never visited their blog, I encourage you to do it. I love to read their blog because they really get it. They truly understand the sovereignty of God. There struggles are immense, and yet there is real peace and joy in the midst of them. The Estes family has taught me much about what it means to truly cling to our savior.

We are also fervently praying for Eric Davis, his wife Heather, and the entire Davis family. They nearly lost Eric a few weeks ago when he had some unexplained breathing issues that they thought was asthma, but wasn't. Then on Friday he had a heart attack and has thus far been unresponsive. They are waiting on the results of todays eeg to see if there is any brain activity. They have taken him off of most of his medication and there should be some response to stimulus, but so far there is not.

My heart is breaking for Heather and the children. Heather is resting in the Lord, praising Him even through her tears. Please join me in lifting Eric and the Davis family before the throne of our almighty heavenly father. The great physician and merciful God.

You can read more on the Davis family blog, and Stacy has a current update here.

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DanielleW said...

That is one of my favorite Psalms...Hear our cry O LORD. 61? or is it 60? I can never remember but it is on the very bottom right hand corner of the right side in my Bible LOL

Praying for these, even though I'm late.