Happy Birthday Miss Sierra!

  1. Sweet Sierra is 9 years old! Okay, so I am a couple of days late in posting. But we did manage to celebrate her birth in a timely manner :)

Even though Daddy is away, we did our best to keep up tradition. We all went to breakfast together, this year it was Mimi's. We celebrated a day early because it was a holiday and Chance was home. The people that were seated next to us said, "Wow! You have more kids than us. That never happens!" I think they had 3!!

After dropping everyone at home we picked up some hot chocolate and headed for the Witte. We parked by the river and a family gave us a bag of bread to feed the ducks. It was cold and rainy, and just beautiful. We took our time feeding the ducks and visiting before heading in.

Goofing off in the gift shop.

After a dinner of orange chicken and various grape things, it was time for presents!

Blowing out the candles took her 3 tries! She's relly got to kick that 3 pack a day habit. There isn't much wipped cream on the cheesecake (courtesy of Costco) cuz we dropped it upside down.

Isn't she lovely in her new birthday outfit?!?
The traditional birthday blessing will have to wait until Daddy comes again. She has cried rivers of tears over his absence on her birthday, and is greatly looking forward to her blessing :)

9 Things You May Not Know About Sierra
  1. She calls her baby brother "Darling."
  2. You think she's kind of quiet, until you get her alone in the car!
  3. She dreams of playing the harp.
  4. She reads her bible faithfully every day.
  5. She likes Roy Rogers better than the Lone Ranger, cuz he can sing.
  6. She loves to have her hair "done."
  7. She loves to sing.
  8. She would rather stay home than go almost anywhere.
  9. She is my cheerful helper, generous and sweet.

We are so blessed to have had 9 precious years with Sierra. We pray the Lord grants us many more. Happy Birthday!


DanielleW said...

Happy Birthday to your precious daughter! What a great list of things about her.

And I was cracking up about the having more than the three children. They must not get out much.

Anonymous said...

She's beautiful Michele! Love her smile!