I have been taking my younger siblings outside a lot lately to practice my photography skills, they love the attention and I enjoy getting to use my camera. Here are a few of my latest pics.

                                       Dressing up and going out to the barn for a photo shoot                                                                     made them so happy they danced :)
                                         I love black and white pics.

                                                Oh my goodness she is so CUTE.
                                            Ezra was having a little trouble with his backpack so                                                                               Ethan stopped to help him. Luckily I had my camera with                                                                       me and I snapped this adorable pic.                                                                                                                                                                  ~Sierra~                                       


Anonymous said...

So sweet! I almost gave up on checking this anymore.


Michele said...

Good job Sierra! Thanks for posting :-)

Anonymous said...

Great job Sierra!

Sierra Elliott said...

Yeah I finally got Mom to show me how. :)

Sierra Elliott said...

Thanks :)