Field Trip!

We took the kids to the CA Science Center for a "field trip" this week. There were two Imax movies I was really hoping to see, but the undersea one sold out before we got there. I was pretty bummed, but we did see one about surfing the big waves in Tahiti. It was in 3D and the kids thought it was amazing. The littles kept trying to reach out and touch everything :)

As soon as we arrived Ethan ran over and climbed this rope right to the top. He couldn't duplicate it, but it was pretty impressive.

Blue Boys. I'm still trying to figure out how to make my camera do everything I want it to :)

Game of telephone anyone?Sierra, traveling through Egypt on a camel.

In the desert ecosystem there was a flash flood exhibit that the kids really wanted to see. They stood in the "splash zone" and waited for the flood to come. It thundered, and lighteninged, and rained. The water ran out of the hills and then turned to a trickle. Just when they thought it was done...flash flood!
Ty didn't really like the splash zone.

We were there all day and still didn't do it all. There are 3 other museums on the campus too.

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