We're Home

Annaleise was released from the Nicu about 10:30 last night. We stayed in a hotel in Fresno last night and made it home this morning. We are so grateful to be home and praise God that she is doing well. The Dr. said that if she were going to crash it would likely be in about 3 days and then she would be in the NICU 7-10 days. So we continue to pray that she will recover completely and will not have to be rehospitalized.

Specifically our prayer is that her left lung would heal and her body would be able to eliminate the residual infection and particulate. We are also praying for healing for her left foot. When they removed her iv they found that it had perforated the vein and her foot is very swollen and blistered. There is an area where the skin is broken and sloughing off. There is one spot that the neo-natologist is concerned has signs of necrotization. Her limbs in general are full of needle sticks and bruises of course, but the foot is an area of concern.

For those who haven't heard:

Annaleise Geneva Elliott
Born May 28, 2009
4:56 am.
9' 12 1/2"
22 inches long

Pictures and the birth story are coming soon. Hopefully this evening.


Chance said...

Hurray!! Praise the Lord! I am so grateful she is back home, and will continue to pray for her. Also, it is nice to finally know how to spell her name. First I tried spelling it on my own (being the great speller that I am :), but realized it was wrong when Hailey wrote her name in an email she sent me. Now, I see that neither Hailey nor I were right, and there is a third spelling - the correct one I'm sure! Anyway... looking forward to the pictures! There is a brother over here that has yet to see his new sister :)

christywith5 said...

i am so glad you are all home and she is doing well we will pray that she countiues to get better and better and has great health from now on. I cant wait to see her and am also very much looking forward to photos of my new niece!