hypocrisy: an expression of agreement that is not supported by real conviction

When we pass laws that allow the death of unborn children to be called murder, but we continue to call those same unborn children a mass of cells so their mothers can kill them without repercussion, we are HYPOCRITES.

Yesterday in the van I heard that there is man who is facing 99 years for murder if he is convicted. Who is he charged with murdering? The pre-born baby his girlfriend was carrying. HUH??

He is accused with slipping her a mickey in the form of RU-486, the morning after drug. They found traces of it in a drink he prepared for her. It was her second miscarriage in 10 months, and apparently he is implicated in the first as well.

Now, I agree that he should face the same penalty for causing the death of a pre-born child that he would if that child had been born. But I am choking on the irony. If she didn't want the baby, she could have trotted down to the local abortionist and there wouldn't have been a thing he could do about it. A pre-born baby is just a mass of cells until it's momma loves it. Then it magically becomes a baby. Maybe we think babies are a lot like the velveteen rabbit, and only the love of a mother can bring them to life.

But oh! The horror, the unfairness, the tragedy, of daddy snuffing out the life of his child when he finds it doesn't really fit into his plans. The murder of pre-born babies is strictly reserved for Mom. The dad of the inconvenient child is just expected to pony up the cash, either to the abortionist or in the form of child-support payments. Her choice. Hypocrites.

It's another one of the wonderful gifts that feminism has brought to us. And if you still think feminism has been good for women, I've got a bridge I'd like to sell ya ;)

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SiftedHeart said...

Wow, this was an eye opener.
Thanks for sharing this.