The Wedding

I am very behind in my postings. There have been a lot of things on my mind, but I have had trouble getting the time to put them in a coherent format :) It also seems that many people are saying things that I've been thinking about much more eloquently than I can. And without a digital camera it is difficult to get pictures up.

But on the picture front, my in-laws have come to the rescue in the form of a photo cd from Angie's wedding in Feb. So, I can share a few photos with the little's all dolled up!

Here are the girls, all ready to join the wedding party. They were so excited to get to be in the wedding, and Sierra loved having her hair all curly. She has very fine hair and it doesn't hold a curl long, so this was a rare treat.

Next come the boys. Don't they look handsome in their tuxedos? They felt SO big.

The night before, during the rehersal, we were sitting together listening to the mother of the bride run through the song she was going to sing when Eli leaned over and asked if he was going to sing "Go Tell it on the Mountain"? I said, "No". A beat later he asked if he was going to sing "Little Drummer Boy". Again I answered, "No." And I explained that he wouldn't be singing. He grew a little concerned and after a moment whispered "But I don't play the piano!"

We got it all figured out and he stood up on the platform proudly waving to mom :)

During the wedding the boys did great. They carefully lined themselves up on the tape place there for their reference and Eli spun his ring pillow around on his finger so as not to call attention to himself ;) They kept together pretty well walking up the aisle and delivered the rings right on cue.

Here is Ezra with his million dollar smile.

Isn't Angie a beautiful bride?

The ladies

The happy couple

It was a beautiful wedding and we are so glad that we could be a part of it. We don't get to see family that much since moving to Texas, and weddings are so special. I can hardly believe Angie is a bride. May the Lord bless her marriage, may He grant her many children, and may He keep John safe during his tour in Iraq.

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DanielleW said...

ROFL at Eli not playing the piano. (I'm still chuckling) They are all so nice looking. But having a boy myself I am partial to those little tuxes! How handsome! And a beautiful bride.